About Us

Our Clinic

Revitalize Metabolic Health is a direct care clinic offering optimization of metabolic health to people of all ages.

We developed Revitalize Metabolic Health out of a desire to bring common sense back to a health care system that prioritizes sick care over preventive care. We combine fundamental principles of ancestral health with modern, innovative approaches to deliver high-quality, personalized medical care that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Having managed the consequences of metabolic disease in the hospital setting for years, we bring a unique perspective to the medical issues facing you. We recognize the potential to have a profound impact on your health and overall well-being by focusing on managing metabolic health concerns before complications arise.

Direct Care

Direct care is a cash-pay model of health care that removes your insurance company from the equation and restores the important one-on-one relationship between patient and physician. Direct care is health care as it used to be and as it should be, eliminating the involvement of third parties such as insurance companies and government.

The direct pay model frees the patient from the dictates of administrators, regulators, and non-medical rule makers, as well as senseless clerical work and data-gathering requirements. This model allows the physician to deliver care based not on insurance company mandates, but on what is best for you, the patient.  The time saved by eliminating useless administrative chores to satisfy insurance companies allows the physician to devote more time to valuable face-to face patient contact.

Price transparency is an important aspect of direct care. There are no copays or deductibles.  You will know the cost of your health care services upfront.  The savings that we realize by eliminating the considerable overhead costs of insurance billing, preauthorizations, and administrative red tape is redirected to patients, allowing us to offer top-notch care at a considerable discount.  Many patients find that they save money with direct pay compared to what their costs would be using insurance for just their copayments and deductibles alone.  Reduced overhead also allows physicians to maintain panels that are considerably smaller than traditional insurance practices. This design means more time with individual patients.

Dr. Stadtherr

Dr. Stadtherr is a board-certified physician in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine, with expertise in nutrition and metabolic health.  Following completion of medical school and residency at the University of Minnesota, he worked for 3 years in a full-spectrum family medicine clinic, including pediatrics, OB, and inpatient care before transitioning to full-time hospital medicine. 

Dr. Stadtherr has been committed to improving the management of diabetes in the hospital setting, with success in reducing glucose levels and insulin requirements for patients, often achieving dramatic results even during short hospital stays.  While working as a hospitalist, he served as principal investigator on an inpatient study of the nutritional management of diabetes in the hospital setting and continues to closely follow nutritional research. 

These efforts with nutrition and lifestyle modifications have renewed his enthusiasm for practicing medicine and continue to be rewarding by being able to help individuals to reverse their diabetes, improve their metabolic health, and avoid the myriad complications that necessitate hospitalization.

He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is a member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.  He is a contributing author for the popular low carbohydrate nutrition website, DietDoctor.com.

Outside of medicine, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters.  Some of his many interests include: music, strength training, traveling, outdoors, backpacking, water skiing, juggling, home improvement, and raising backyard chickens.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Arts - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA - 1999

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA - 1999

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN - 2003

Residency, Family Medicine

University of Minnesota Medical School - St. Joseph's Hospital/Bethesda Clinic, St. Paul, MN – 2006