Direct Primary Care

Revitalize Primary Care provides comprehensive primary care to adults and children.  This monthly medical service known as Direct Primary Care (DPC) allows for exclusive access to your physician for a low monthly fee.

Direct primary care is concierge-level care without insurance.  It is an innovative model of primary care that is accessible to all, regardless of their insurance status.  We deliver higher quality care at a lower price.  By not participating with insurance, we are able to do amazing things for our patients.

We believe that quality health care should be affordable and accessible.

We are working to change the face of family medicine to be focused on the patient.  We embrace the importance of preventive care as part of our comprehensive approach to health, and our expertise in metabolic health brings added value to our patients. 

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What We Offer

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  • In-person or virtual visits
  • Free in-house medical procedures (Earwax removal, Ear piercing, Musculoskeletal injections, Laceration repairs, Suture removal, Nail removal, Wart treatment, Abscess drainage, Removal of moles or skin lesions, Skin cryotherapy, Foreign body removal, etc.)
  • Unlimited routine office visits
  • Same or next day urgent need appointments
  • Extended face-to-face visits (30 – 60 minutes)
  • Direct access to your doctor through phone, text, or email
  • On-call access for urgent issues after hours
    • We will try to keep you out of urgent care and reduce unnecessary medical expenses.
  • Sick when you are traveling? We can email, discuss by phone, or video. If we can handle it, we will!
  • On-site medication dispensing at amazing wholesale prices
  • Labs at wholesale cash prices that are discounted up to 90% compared to retail insurance-based prices. (These prices can often be far cheaper than even your health insurance copay)
  • We have negotiated with vendors to provide our members significantly discounted cash prices on imaging (ex: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.) – (These prices can often be far cheaper than even your health insurance copay)
  • Full access to services available in the clinic, including simple procedures.
  • Note: some procedures may not be available, depending on availability of supplies.

Pricing Plans

AGES 0 – 17 | $45 / MONTH

AGES 18 – 44 | $85 / MONTH

AGES 45 – 64 | $95 / MONTH

AGES 65+ | $105 / MONTH

Direct primary care is a proven cost-savings model, not only saving employers up to 40% on health care costs but also decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.  It can be an excellent health benefit for your employees and their families. 
Please contact clinic for more information.
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Next Steps

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Would you like to learn more about direct primary care and how it might benefit you and your family? We’re happy to talk with you about this service, at no obligation to you.

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